Key of Designing Consumer Electronics Products

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Consumer electronic products refer to electronic products that are designed around consumer applications and are closely related to life, work, and entertainment. The purpose of such electronic products is to enable consumers to freely choose, use and enjoy. 


With the continuous development and improvement of the consumer electronic product market, the competition in the electronic product market is becoming more and more fierce. The market has very high requirements for the design, core technology, materials, and appearance of new products.


cmf-design-the-fundamental-principles-of-colour-maThe correct thinking model for consumer electronic product design should be CMF. So what exactly is CMF? CMF is the initials of Color, Material, and Finishing. It is a simple summary of the three aspects of product color, material, and surface treatment. CMF design acts on the design object, and connects and interacts with the deep perceptual part between the design object and the user. It is mostly used in product design to deal with the details of design objects such as color, material, and processing. It is an important component of product design.


For a long time, the design techniques of consumer electronic products have been gradually carried out in accordance with traditional design thinking. Designers usually follow this set of design processes: product creativity--sketches--modeling--prototype models. In such a process, the designer needs to think hard and work back and forth.


When designing a product, the designer’s first consideration is usually the appearance of the product, but designers often see that after the product is finished, there is no corresponding process or material support, or no color can match with the product’s temperament. These factors outside the product styling interrupt the making of the expected perfect product.


Nowadays, many designers will still use this traditional design technique. However, this purely styling change has also caused product differences to become smaller and smaller, and the way of cutting into the design from the CMF perspective is gradually becoming the emerging design thinking mode of current consumer electronics. Here in Emate, our design team works closely with our engineering department with CMF working mold. By this close cooperation, we can build a new model from concept effectively. Here are a few of the new models we designed.


Post time: Jun-16-2021