Comfort Index Thermo-Hygrometer

Temperature and humidity play a large part in the health of your home. Too high of humidity can cause mold to grow making your home unhealthy for you and your loved ones.

The Emate indoor Thermo-Hygrometer provides accurate and convenient room temperature and humidity information. Here is our new model spec. for your selection. Model NO.: E0323



*4 function buttons: Max/Min(on the front),  SET,  ▲ ,  ▼/C/F

*Indoor temperature & humidity

*Time display, 12/24 hour selection

*Calendar display

*Comfortable Level Icon: Dry/Comfort/Wet

*Temperature C/F Selection

*Max/ min record on indoor temperature & humidity

*The size is 110 MM L*21 MM W*110 MM H.

*It use two “AAA” alkaline battery.

*There are 2 ways to place: Wall hanging/ Table standing

*And the colors can be custom made. Mint green,coral red and white all available.


The indoor temperature will adjust within 30 seconds automatically after powering on. An big display LCD for easy reading

Press ▼/C/F to switch ℃/℉.

1. temperature range:-10℃— +50℃
2. humidity display range:20%RH~95%RH

Temperature and Humidity Record

Press [MAX/MIN] to display the min or max temperature & humidity.

At the checking mode of max/min, hold [MAX/MIN], all max/min record will be cleared up.

Comfort INDICATOR ICON: Dry/Comfort/Wet

An comfort level index, there are three expressions to show different indoor environments. Now it is a smile face so it says room is comfort. The other two are to express the status of soso and terrible.

Dry  Hygrometer1 Humidity is less than 50%RH
Comfort  Hygrometer2 Temperature between 20℃~26℃,Humidity between 50%RH~70%RH
Wet  Hygrometer3 Humidity is more than 70%RH

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Post time: May-30-2022