Digital Large Display Alarm Clock

Modern Alarm Clock as Home Decor

Large numbers for easy to read

We would love to show you a new large screen desk clock we’ve been working on. It has been designed to show a simplicity design and constructed using innovative components and techniques to enable the perfect display by this desk clock.

Clock 1 Clock 2

It’s with Easy-to-operate Top button SNOOZE/LIGHT ,with a pure soft Moonlight backlight. It’s with Minimalist design. Widely use in our home and office for a convenient and a regular living habits for our daily life.

We Tilt the LCD screen a little To achieve the best view angle from desk.Large time display, Optional for Radio controlled with DST function (DCF,MSF,JJY,WVVB). Calendar tracks month, date and weekday

Including Indoor temperature & humidity, Temperature display in ℃or ℉, Indoor thermometer range from -10~+50℃ ,Indoor humidity range from 10~99% RH.

It’s with Easy-to-operate STAND-ALONE time setting,alarm setting and alarm ON/OFF button  

Power cut memory function:When the power is cut off,re-assemble the batteries(2*AA) into the battery compartment within 30 seconds,the preset time will be memorized. You don’t have to reset the time again.  Low battery indicator.

It’s with Easy-to-operate STAND-ALONE time setting, alarm setting and alarm ON/OFF button. 2pcs High quality rubber feet including.

Dimensions:144*44*59 mm ,Use 2 “AA” alkaline batteries  ,lifetime around 12 months.

Post time: May-31-2022