Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures Guide


"Color, aroma, and taste" are the first factors that people consider when choosing food. Color, aroma, and taste are often determined by the way the food is cooked. The "First Total Diet Research Report" published by the Hong Kong Center for Food Safety stated that the center sent 22 kinds of vegetable samples to the laboratory, using 1200 W and 1600 W electric induction cookers, respectively, without cooking oil, and the time was 3 minutes and 6 minutes. It was found that the longer the cooking time and the higher the temperature, the more acrylamide released from the vegetables. The test results of adding edible oil to stir-frying and dry stir-frying are the same.

Different foods are cooked in different ways. Studies have found that food storage methods, cooking methods, and eating temperature all affect nutrition.


OIP (1)When cooking at 60~80℃, it is easy to damage part of the vitamins of vegetables. When boiling the soup, the vegetables in the soup should not be boiled for too long. It is best to wait for the soup to boil and put the vegetables in immediately. The meat is the most delicious and tender at 70~75℃; the whole poultry must be heated to 82℃ for the thickest meat to be fully cooked; the minced meat is the easiest to spread bacteria during the processing, so it must be at least 71℃ to guarantee food safety. When the seafood is fried, the temperature should be around 90℃, and the serving temperature should be 70℃, so that it is not too hot and tastes the most delicious.


In addition to cooking temperature, the temperature at the time of eating also has a great impact on health. The eating temperature should not be too hot. Long-term consumption of hot food may repeatedly burn the esophageal mucosa, causing it to be under repair for a long time. It is easy to induce cancer over time. Data shows that among patients with esophageal cancer, more than 90% usually prefer hot food and drink. Long-term consumption of cold and cold food will cause rapid contraction of gastrointestinal blood vessels, affecting digestion and absorption, which can easily induce chronic stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea and malnutrition for a long time. Generally speaking, the best temperature for eating should be close to body temperature.

Follow the guidelines below adviced by for minimum cooking temperatures and rest time for meat, poultry, seafood, and other cooked foods. Be sure to use a food thermometer to check whether meat has reached a safe internal temperature that is hot enough to kill harmful germs that cause food poisoning.


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Post time: Jun-16-2021