Summer Solstice Is Here

We ushered in the summer solstice this year on June 22, May 13 of the lunar calendar. The summer solstice is the first solar term to be determined in the twenty-four solar terms, which means the official start of hot weather, and then the weather gets hotter and hotter.


The twenty-four solar terms are the product of ancient farming civilization and contain the long cultural connotation and historical accumulation of the Chinese nation. It was originally based on the direction of the Big Dipper in the night sky by the ancients to guide agricultural production in time. The current "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" comes from the division based on the solar longitude established more than 300 years ago. That is, on a 360-degree circle of the "ecliptic" (the apparent path of the sun on the celestial sphere during a year), it is divided into 24 equal parts, one equal part every 15°, with the vernal equinox as the starting point of 0 degrees, arranged according to the degree of longitude. In the historical development, the "twenty-four solar terms" were included in the lunar calendar and became an important part of the lunar calendar. In the current life and production, although the twenty-four solar terms can still be used as a rough reference, its accuracy and precision can no longer meet the needs of people today.


So what tools can provide better guidance for life and agricultural production? Emate's latest weather station provides real-time data and diachronic records of wind direction and rainfall; it also has accurate weather forecasting functions; at the same time, we also have multi-channel weather forecasting weather stations to let you know the weather conditions in the next 4 days in advance, and travel and plan production well in advance. Welcome to consult our professional sales team for details! 

Post time: Jun-22-2021