Trend Analysis on Packing of Consumer Electronics


  • Sustainability has been at the top of the list, with brands beginning to reduce the use of plastics and favoring the choice of environmentally friendly materials.
  • The focus on functionality makes the packaging easier to open. Microsoft is leading the packaging trend by applying the "all-inclusive" packaging concept to Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • For busy consumers, packaging is designed with portability in mind. The box incorporates a buckle design, while the pouch is an easy-to-collect option and can be reused.
  • Minimalist white is still a key color of packaging, with a delicate profile, showing a sense of advanced professionalism.
  • To create a bold effect, the packaging uses trendy bright colors to add a touch of personality to the relatively minimalist design. The soft tones give the packaging a gift-related lifestyle and cater to the pink-colored trend of technology products.




The sustainability of product packaging remains the focus of consumer concern, technology product packaging is developing towards a more environmentally friendly direction. Cardboard and paper packaging are beginning to replace plastic substitutes. Big brands have changed their strategy. For its robot dog Aibo, Sony has introduced a new package made from 50% recyclable polyester plastic bottles.



The packaging scheme also focuses on functionality, and these designs make packaging easier to open. Sliding embedded designs, combined with pull rings and interlocks, make it easier and faster for consumers to open product packaging without scissors. Microsoft has also updated its packing Xbox Adaptive Controller products by adding pull rings and hinges to make them easier to open.



Technology packaging needs to cater to a busy lifestyle, using some simple portable packaging that can accommodate products. Pouches can be used as a package for charging cables, and they can be kept tidy when out and about, while slogan messages on the packaging can be an interesting design. Fresh'N Rebel's waterproof Rockbox Bold packaging features a buckle that makes it more portable and easy to re-knot.

Fresh'N Rebel

Soft Tones6

Since pastel pink color is still a major trend in technology products, softer tones are also used in packaging. Colors are applied to product packaging in soft gradient or solid colors. The popular pink color tones can add a souvenir effect to the gift box, and also be used in the gift market with unique attraction for young customers. Cylo uses a wide variety of pink color tones throughout the product line packaging for a mash-up effect


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Post time: Jun-09-2021