What is a timer socket? How about the timer socket?

According to the requirements of modern charging, some electrical appliances require a certain charging time, but many people tend to forget the charging time, and over-charging for a long time will cause damage to the electrical appliances. If you can, the Timer socket is a good choice. The following decoration home decoration network I will briefly introduce what is the Timer Socket and timer socket.

What is a timer socket?

It mainly refers to a socket with a single-chip microprocessor chip and a dedicated energy metering chip as the core, an LCD display, and a high-precision electronic circuit, which has an electric energy metering, display and power switch automatic control function.

How about the timer socket?

1, time switch, can set 10 groups of switching time, and can set the number of days of weekly cycle execution.

2. The mechanical timing switch socket is generally composed of a knob, a fuel tank, a contact spring, a rotating shaft, a spring, a contact wheel, a resistance plate, etc., and uses the principle of a clock to perform timing on and off.

3. The timer socket can realize the real-time monitoring and recording of the electrical equipment while providing electrical connection and conversion power for the electrical equipment. It can measure the electrical voltage and working current of the electrical appliance, and measure and repair the household electrical appliance to prevent overcurrent. A standing gadget for electric leakage and electric shock.

4, all kinds of household appliances digital products more and more, so it is inevitable that there will be management omissions, such as plugging in the phone tablet before going to bed at night to charge, full of may be just after the middle of the night to sleep, can not completely remove the plug It is always energized; the rice cooker is regularly porridge, and it automatically heats up after being cooked. For example, the big winter bed is used to play the mobile phone through the wireless router. When sleeping, I don`t want to get out of bed and turn off the router. It is like this all night. Radiant” and so on. Therefore, it is very important to have a smart timing socket in the home. Set the time to automatically power off to prevent the phone from overcharging.

The above is about the timer socket related introduction, I hope that these small pieces of finishing can give you some help, more professional decoration materials selection, please pay attention to the decoration home decoration network material selection manual column!

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Post time: Aug-15-2022